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Valley Dog's Training Apparel

We can customize any collar or leash to suit your needs.  Come in to have a Jaeger lead custom made just for you. We have a full leather workshop. 


We can also repair your broken leads or collars.  We can use your own hardware or we can replace your hardware. 


Our goal is to supply quality workmanship and materials.  We try to use Canadian suppliers and manufacturers for all of our supplies.  90% of collars and leads are made right here! 95% of our merchandise is made in North America!


If you have any questions related to collars, supplies, dogs, or clubs call us at 647-824-5227 or toll free 1-844-825-5364 or visit



Waterfowl Guiding

Although I used to guide waterfowl full time I still do take on occasion clients for Goose or big water duck hunts in North Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec.

Sporting Dog Training

We train our sporting breeds for the Field. Although I started participating in Hunt Tests with my first dogs, we now compete in Field Trials with our own personal hunting dogs (labs and english pointers). We train a minimum of 5 days a week with our dogs, except during the hunting season when we are out hunting or guiding with them.


We have trained a number of breeds and take on Retrievers, flushers or pointers to get them to the desired hunting level.


We also train pointers for competing in trials.


Breed Consults

We find that on occasion we meet people who are finding it difficult to choosing a dog that is right for their lifestyle. We are more then happy to meet with people and discuss our dogs. We have often referred people to a different breed, breeder, or rescue because of a difference in lifestyle that may not match well with a sporting breed or a Boston terrier.  We want what’s best for our dogs and what’s best for our potential families. 

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